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FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders $75 ore more (within continental US)

Brush-T Combo 3 Pack 3 Wood/Driver/Oversize.

by Brush-T
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This core and versatile set will elevate anyone窶冱 game, and includes the foundational brush-T models: 3 Wood, Driver, and Oversize.


笳週hese are the best golf tees窶ヲI have recommended them to quite a few of my golf friends.
笳秋ave used these tees for many, many years. They last forever, except when you have somebody try them out and you give them the tee.
笳終 won窶冲 use anything else if I can help it.
笳終 love these tees. I seem to hit straighter and longer off the box when I started using these tees.
笳秋ave been hooked on brush tees since I first used one...

How It Works


During the drive, your club is traveling at up to 98 miles per hour. At that speed, anything touching the ball has a critical effect. The secret behind the lightweight but sturdy brush-T, therefore, is its unique nylon bristle "cup," which allows the ball to be struck with a minimum of resistance and deflection.


brush-T eliminates up to 2% of left or right deflection*, and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards, a 2ツー deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark. That窶冱 a difference between par and birdie, a birdie and an eagle...

Permitted Under The Usga Rules

Sub-optimal tee height leads to hitting the ball off-center of the clubface sweet spot, robbing you precious extra yards. brush-T prevents this, establishing a consistent and prime ball height to achieve maximum launch angle and improved distance.

Consistent Tee Height

Think the brush-T constitutes an unfair advantage? It doesn窶冲. The brush-T is permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf.