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FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders $75 ore more (within continental US)
FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders $75 ore more (within continental US)

Loyalty Rewards Terms and Conditions

You agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms and Conditions and in the Fairway Golf Inc. Company’s Privacy Policy. Terms and conditions may vary from time to time at the sole discretion of the Fairway Golf Inc. with or without your knowledge. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully to learn how we use, disclose and collect information about you. By enrolling in the Fairway Golf Loyalty Rewards Program, you will have the option to earn rewards on qualifying purchases (defined below) made at Fairway Golf Inc. Company stores and websites. Qualifying Purchases include purchases of any product in the Program, but exclude the purchase of PING products. You do not need to purchase anything in order to enroll in the Program. You may enroll in the Program online or in person at any of our locations.


Membership in the Program is available to any United States resident who is at least eighteen (18) years old and provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling. Participation in a separate and unique credit or debit card program is not required for a general membership. Once enrolled into the Program, you will enter at the member status level and are entitled to the rewards and benefits of membership as set out herein or in promotional materials.


Members must maintain an active Program membership to earn and redeem points. You may opt out of the Program at any time. If you opt out of the Program, you will no longer earn points or be able to redeem points and you will forfeit your unused and unexpired points. Deletion of points is final and cannot be reversed. To cancel a Program membership, please call Customer Service.


Points have no monetary value and they will not expire if you make at least one purchase every 12 months. Points expire after 12 months if you do not make any purchase in the 12 months after earning them.


Please note that points cannot be earned for: any purchase made using a reward coupon; store credit or merchandise credit; charity donations; purchase of a gift card; or the value of any gifts-with-purchase. All other purchases will be qualifying purchases. 


A minimum merchandise purchase of $5.01 (excluding taxes and shipping charges) is required in order to redeem your reward coupons.


You can only use one voucher at any one time when making a purchase, and it cannot be combined with any other vouchers or discount codes or be applied to discounted items. The voucher will only apply to the product price and will not apply to any delivery costs.


Each reward may be redeemed for only one item and will be applied to the most expensive eligible product in the transaction. Products eligible for Reward redemption must each have a regular retail unit ticket price equal to or under sixteen dollars and ninety-five cents. This means that products that have a regular retail unit ticket price that is above sixteen dollars and ninety-five cents are not eligible for Reward redemption. You must identify yourself as a Participant at the time of transaction to redeem the Reward. 


The tier level of your membership is based on the points earned during the current or previous Membership Year whichever is the highest. If you are a new member, or do not have sufficient points to qualify you to the second membership tier level, your membership tier level will start at the first tier. If you reach the second tier during a Membership Year you will stay at the second membership tier level during the rest of the Membership Year and the following Membership Year. If you during the Membership Year do not accumulate sufficient points to qualify you to the second membership tier level, you will return to the first tier for the following Membership Year.


We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your participation in the Program or any Rewards earned and not yet used in the event of fraud, abuse of rewards privileges, violation of these Program Terms and Conditions, or at our discretion. 


You consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data by the Company, the Loyalty Program, Participating Properties and Partner Programs, and their authorized third-party agents and licensees in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Statement.