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FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders $75 ore more (within continental US)
FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders $75 ore more (within continental US)

Project X Steel Iron Shaft 7 #6 (39.0)

Original price $41.99 - Original price $41.99
Original price
$41.99 - $41.99
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Best Selling shaft at Fairway is the Rifle Project X by True Temper
Remember how good the Rifle shaft used to feel in your pre-groove Rule 2012 irons. Well guess what, it will feel excellent in your current irons too. Many people feel that the original Rifle shaft made by Brunswick was the best shaft because it wasn窶冲 mass produced and felt phenomenal.

When asking Rifle about the Project X, they feel the new model is even better due to technology and greater tolerances created by more advanced machinery. Project X creates a sensational impact feel, a tight loading experience and a ball flight that is so 3 Bears (Not too High and Not too Low). Often when fitting irons, the Project X will be connected to a demo head (Staff Favorite) and the customer will love the way it feels. Typically, they will ask what it is and be surprised that they used to play the same shaft. Even better Project X realized the biggest dilemma with today窶冱 golfers is loss of distance.

As a Fitter, the low spin hype applies to mostly drivers and big hitters. For everyone else, spin is your friend, but only a certain amount, more 3 Bears (Not too much and Not too little). Rifle has created Project X LZ for a little higher flight and a bit more spin. For example, if the golfer has played Project X 6.0 for most of their golfing career and they are losing distance, Project X LZ 6.0 will be perfect for them. Flexibility tightens, Speed decreases, and Impact varies as time goes by, the Project X LZ will solve multiple golf ailments.


Flex Tip Butt Length Weight Launch
5.0 .355" .600" 41.5"(1) -37.0"(PW) 115g Low
5.5 .355" .600" 41.5"(1) -37.0"(PW) 115g Low
5.5 .370" .600" 41" 115g Low
6.0 .355" .600" 41.5"(1) -37.0"(PW) 120g Low
6.0 .370" .600" 41" 120g Low
6.5 .355" .600" 41.5"(1) -37.0"(PW) 125g Low
6.5 .370" .600" 41" 125g Low
7.0 .355" .600" 41.5"(1) -37.0"(PW) 130g Low